Another McCleery on the Road!



In the midst of so many exciting, life-changing milestones for the people of Patchwork Farm, we are thrilled to share another…

Rusty is now…officially and legally…a licensed driver!!

Woo hoo!

For the last year Braden and Rusty have been splitting time behind the wheel as I have been teaching TWO teenage boys how to drive. The time of reckoning had arrived and we would see how effective I was as a driving instructor.

Last week Rusty had an early morning appointment at New Castle’s DMV, and putting together his year’s worth of driving practice and practical knowledge,

Coupled with hours spent practicing the lost art of parallel parking,

(A skill most of us rarely use again once passing our driver’s test)

He passed!

He has the card to prove it,


And is now legally allowed to travel the roads unaccompanied by parental figures.

Just thought y’all  should be warned.


There is another McCleery on the road!

drive - Copy

And this momma couldn’t be more proud and more pleased to have another driver in the house after losing my two chauffeurs.

IMG_8400 (2)

Congratulations, Rusty…

And Happy Travels!

(Next on the docket: Braden!)

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