Happy Little Hosts


After spending the weekend with the “Hostess with the Mostest”….

(AKA: my mommy,)

we concluded our Christmas season kick-off with dinner with my other favorite hosts…

The newly married Tames!

Every Sunday Grace and Zach alternate family dinners between our home and Zach’s family’s home. This week Grace and Zach invited us to their apartment for Sunday dinner. It was a treat getting a night off from cooking and a delight watching Grace in her element as lady of the house.

As a natural little hostess she went all out creating a homey and inviting environment that welcomed us at once.

IMG_8728 (2)

We were greeted by the smell of dinner cooking and the music of Burl Ives playing on Gracie’s record player.

IMG_8738 (2) - CopyIMG_8759 (2) - Copy - Copy

The apartment was all decorated for Christmas.

IMG_8723 (2)

Days earlier Grace had stopped by our house to collect her ornaments for her tree. In our family we have a Christmas tradition of gifting our children with a Christmas ornament every Christmas that represents their life that year. Sometimes the ornament is reflective of a favorite movie or book. Sometimes it is reflective of a big life event or a special vacation we enjoyed as a family. The result of this family tradition is that when our children leave to make a home of their own they have 20+ ornaments to fill the branches of their own tree and those ornaments tell the story of their childhood.

IMG_8661 (2)

It was fun to walk around the Tame’s tree and see Gracie’s childhood hanging on the branches. Grace and Zach have decided to carry on this family tradition in their own family and have begun recording their own life story through Christmas ornaments with the addition of a beautiful nativity ornament from their honeymoon to Mexico.

IMG_8733 (2)

Soon after arriving, dinner was ready. Grace and Zach prepared a yummy pasta dinner, complete with garlic bread and brownies for dessert.

IMG_8735 (2)

After dinner we enjoyed playing board games as a family. It was so much fun sitting around the Christmas tree, listening to the sounds of Christmas on the record player while laughing our way through round after round of Apples to Apples.

IMG_8757 (2) - Copy - CopyIMG_8753 (2) - Copy

Then Zach introduced us to The Oregon Trail card game. Like the computer game that was a staple of our middle school computer class, the goal was to make it to the end without dying of a snake bite or dysentery! It was a lot of fun and a total blast from the past for Toby and I.

IMG_8765 (2) - Copy - Copy

It was a fun evening with the new Mr. and Mrs. Tame in their charming little home.

IMG_8726 (2)IMG_8752 (2) - Copy

What joy it brought me to see my daughter happy and thriving in her new role as a happy little homemaker and “hostess with the mostest”…

It makes my heart glad!

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