Molly is Home!!!


Miss Molly is home,

And we couldn’t be happier!

IMG_9520 (2)

Molly had an awesome first semester of college at BYU-Idaho. She thrived as a freshman and loved college life. She was blessed with great roommates, amazing professors and incredible experiences.

It was wonderful seeing her so happy and doing so well in that new, unfamiliar environment. Now that we have her home for a few months I plan of enjoying as much time with my sweet girl (and soaking up her sunshine as much as I can) before she leaves us again!

She was a bit bummed by the family traditions she wasn’t home to enjoy in the weeks leading up to Christmas but she, with the help of good friends and awesome roommates, was able to create her own magical Christmas memories out west. Here is a peek into some of her December adventures in Idaho before heading home:


Molly has been blessed with an amazing gift in finding beauty in the ordinary and great blessings in everyday experiences.


Molly at BYU-I’s light-up night.


Molly enjoying a Relief Society Christmas party with friends.


Molly and Katrina walking to church on a crisp, December Sunday.


Molly loved meeting John Groberg, the missionary whose story was told through the Disney movie, “The Other Side of Heaven.” Molly loved hearing him speak and share his testimony.


I love to see the temple!


The Rexburg, Idaho temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


A gingerbread house decorating competition.


Gregory, the man of snow, built by Katrina and Molly one cold, and snowy night.

The week leading up to her flight home was packed to the brim with finals and packing as she culled through her belongings, trying to figure out what was worth shipping home and what she should give away to friends or donate. On Tuesday she joined her roommate Katrina for the drive to Lehi, Utah, where Katrina’s family graciously hosted Molly for the night before her flight the following day.

The next day Katrina dropped her off at the airport and Molly’s adventure began in earnest. The first half of her travels went smoothly but when she arrived in Newark for her second layover, everything fell apart. Heavy snows and high winds led to her flight being delayed hour after hour. We waited for the call that would let us know to head to the airport to await her flight, but instead we got a midnight call informing us that all flights had been canceled.

Molly spoke to a ticket agent and was told she probably couldn’t get another flight for a few days.

As we tried to figure out a solution at our end, Molly was busy making friends in Newark. She called back at 1:00 am to let us know that one of her new friends had a rental car and was headed to Pittsburgh. She wanted to ask what we thought about her hitching a ride with this lady (who also was named “Molly”) and driving through the night towards home.

As a mom, I’m sure you can guess what my reaction was and where my mind went at the thought of Molly climbing in a car with a stranger she met only hours earlier. Miss Molly suggested we say a prayer and then talk it through. We did. Molly insisted she felt good about the plan and had no reservations. I wasn’t as convinced. My mind went straight to stories of human trafficing and abductions.

The new friend, Molly, got on the phone and was able to quell some of our fears. She kindly responded to my paranoia by texting photos of her driver’s liscence, work ID, Facebook page, etc. We felt better about the idea of Molly climbing in a rental car with a stranger, but I did turn the tracker on her phone to active and followed her blip across the state, ready to call in the State Troopers if the car exited the turnpike and headed south. 

Needless to say, no one slept much on Wednesday night. Molly was up all night talking to her traveling companion to keep her awake, while we were in bed monitoring their progress west. We picked up Molly at 6:30 am and she came home and went straight to sleep. She slept all day. We thought her exhaustion was due to a crazy 24 hours but when she woke up to throw up we knew it was a flu bug that had hit her hard. The next 24 hours were spent recovering in bed so we didn’t enjoy much Molly time but we were still  so happy to have our girl at home!

Now Christmas is allowed to arrive!

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