Basketball Brotherhood



After a successful first semester cyber schooling with 21st Century Cyber Charter School, Braden was ready to add some extra-curricular activities to the mix. He loves cyber school but misses athletics. He approached me asking me to search out a team he could join.

Through our friendship with the McCready family, we were connected with Plants and Pillars. This local homeschool co-op offers sports in addition to other enrichment opportunities. I had heard positive feedback from the McCready’s son, Micah, about the Plants and Pillars team and reached out to learn more. In speaking with the coach I thought it was just what we were looking for. Braden started practicing with the team in December and was welcomed by the other boys immediately. It was evident that this was Christian based athletics, as just as much emphasis was placed on character growth as skills growth. Braden was amazed at how different this team functioned in comparison to some public school athletic teams he had played for. He commented on the comaraderie, the inclusion, the support and encouragement within the team. Rather than tearing each other down to climb higher, they followed a model of lifting others so that each could rise higher.

IMG_1622 (2)IMG_1627 (2)

It was such a wonderful experience for Braden and in his search to find teammates, he found a great group of friends. The season lasted until February when they made it into the second round of play-offs.

braden basketball (2)

February 13th was Senior Night, which was extra special night for Braden as one of the five senior players. The night began with the seniors being recognized at the start of the game.

IMG_1557 (2)

Each senior was called to the court with their parents and a brief bio was read about the players’ future plans.

IMG_1547 (3)

Then our seniors stepped onto the court as the starters for the game.

IMG_1580 (2)

Braden headed to center court for tipoff.

IMG_1582 (2)

It was an exciting game…one of many throughout the season,

IMG_1611 (2)IMG_1607 (2)IMG_1594 (2)IMG_1598 (2)

But what really made the night special was stepping onto the court with our son and celebrating how far he has come and how far he will go!

IMG_1542 (2)

You are going places, kid!~

IMG_1616 (2)


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