BIG News!



Yep, you read that right!

With all the life changes that have occurred at Patchwork Farm these last three months, it seems only fitting to announce one more…

Grace and Zach are expecting!

pregnancy announcement - Copy

We have been sitting on this news for a few weeks, waiting for Grace and Zach’s permission to share their news with friends and extended family. Grace is now 10 weeks along and feels comfortable enough to share her news with others.

pregnancy announcement2

She and Zach broke the news to us days before Molly left on her mission. Grace wanted to be able to share this exciting news in person with her little sister, so they chose the night of our family bonfire to spill the beans.

After dinner they announced that they had brought dessert. Zach went to the bus and carried out a tub filled with nutty buddies and tootsie pops.


At the center of the treats lay a onesie and the following tag:


There was personal meaning to the message, as I have joked with my kids that when grandbabies come, I want Toby to be called “Pops” and I want to be called “Tootsie” so that together we are TOOTSIE POPS.

tootsie pops

They embraced this long-running joke for their pregnancy announcement.

Needless to say our reaction was nothing short of celebratory. There were hoots, hollers, and more than a few tears over this joyful news.


Molly was especially elated over the news of a coming niece or nephew.


She can’t wait to be an “Auntie.” She only wishes the baby wasn’t arriving in January, smack dab in the middle of her mission.

But we promised we would keep her in the loop and actively involved through pregnancy photos and weekly Facetime get-togethers.


Before Molly left she and I went shopping for the baby. Since she won’t be able to be here for the birth, she wanted to be there in spirit on Gracie’s big day, so she picked out a baby outfit for me to deliver to Grace and the wee little one at the hospital. It was her way of being there for Grace when she couldn’t be there in person.

From the boys we have seen the full gamut of emotions. Some are thrilled, some uncertain, and some are concerned about how it will affect the family and their place in it. Bets are already being place on the gender. Most are quite certain this baby will be a girl, but Rusty and Tyler are hoping for a nephew they can pal around with.

Grace is navigating the first trimester with a grace fitting of her name. She has struggled with fatigue and morning sickness but remains happy and positive through it all. She had her first OB appointment this week and everything looks great. She and Zach were excited to hear the heartbeat and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from that monumental moment. There is such a thrill in hearing the heartbeat of your baby. Somehow it makes it all the more real!

So, there you go… The latest AND GREATEST news from Patchwork Farm.

pregnancy announcement3

God continues to bless us.


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