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Prayers for Brandon

Brandon and Sean

Brandon and Sean

“We sometimes think that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.” – Mother Teresa

Tonight I find my heart hurting after receiving news that this sort of poverty has taken such a personal turn. Those who have been walking this road with us for a while might remember the story of Brandon, Tyler’s older brother. When we took Tyler in, as a foster son initially, he and Brandon were the final two of five biological siblings still in foster care…still in search of a forever home.

Tyler and Brandon had both been labeled with words like, “difficult,” “unmanageable,” and “unadoptable.” Both were little boys who carried the emotional scars of children who have lived their life in poverty…

that poverty spoken about above,

the poverty of being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for.

That sort of poverty leaves hurts that are deep and scarring and take a lot of loving to heal.

I have had the profound honor and privilege of being an adoptive mother to two of the “wounded ones” and have witnessed firsthand the miracle of healing that comes from loving the “unlovable.”

I have watched as my guarded, frightened, angry, broken hearted boys have been healed through the power of love and God’s amazing grace.

I have also witnessed this healing power in another little boy’s life… Brandon.

About one year after having Tyler join our family we were blessed through a series of “God events” to find all of Tyler’s biological siblings who had been scattered and remained out of touch with each other after being adopted into separate homes. God led us, we found them all, and planned a reunion for these siblings.

This came about as a result of Brandon’s birthday wish

when he told his foster mom, Tina, that all he wanted for his birthday was to see his siblings again.

The reunion was powerful and the experience nothing short of holy.

But while together we witnessed that very poverty that Mother Teresa spoke about when we took group pictures and could visually see the difference in the countenance of the adopted siblings who had found their forever families and the one who was still lost.

(As seen below)


We began to pray for Brandon and I found he was never far from my thoughts.

We prayed that he would be given the forever family that his heart so longed for.

Fast forward a year.

We met for another reunion and received the wonderful news that Brandon had been adopted by his foster mom, Tina. He was a different child. His spirit, which had been buried so deep under the hurts and disappointments of his short but oh so hard life, was finally shining forth and we could clearly see the great love he had for the woman he now called “Mom.”


Unconditional love truly is the most powerful force on earth.

That day we saw a different boy.


(Here is the Heaven-sent angel that loved him into life…)

IMG_9905 (2)

Tina roasting marshmallows with Ozzie

Then life took another unexpected turn for Brandon as Tina was diagnosed with cancer. Sweet Tina shared with me the stories of waking up in the morning to find Brandon asleep at her feet and his fears of going to school for fear that she wouldn’t be there when he returned. His security was being tested.

Tina shared with me the intense battle she was fighting for her life…

not for her own sake but for Brandon’s sake.

She shared her prayers and heartfelt pleas to the Lord that she just be allowed to live for five more years so that she could finish raising Brandon before she is taken Home. I watched as this angel among women, who had given her life and dedicated all she had to taking in the orphans, the unloved, the hurt and the “unwanted ones,” battle for her life… battle for Brandon’s security.

We received news Monday night that she has lost that battle and has been called Home, to the arms of her Father in Heaven, where she now rests.

She passed away on Mother’s Day, which is divinely fitting, as she spent her life mothering the motherless.

But now we pray again for Brandon, who is now in limbo. Who is once again without a mother. Who has gone to live with relatives temporarily.  My heart aches and my pillow is wet with tears as I struggle with the injustice of this mortal journey and the sadness I feel for Brandon. I look at that 13 year old boy’s journey and all the heartbreak he has faced in his short life

and my heart hurts…

So much loss.

So much profound poverty.

Today I ask for prayers for Brandon.

I ask that you lift him up in prayer.

He has lost the love of his life, his Momma.

I don’t know where the story goes from here. I don’t know what plans the Lord has for this little boy’s life. I am simply holding onto the truth and testimony that

God loves Brandon.

More than Tina did, more than Tyler does, more than I do,

and must have a plan…

an amazing plan for his life.

In the darkness of the unknown, however, I struggle.

Let us pray.

For Brandon,

and for all those who face this day feeling unloved, unwanted and uncared for.

Ponder today this thought,

“What can I do to remedy this kind of poverty that is rampant around us?”

Let us pray.