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Spring Soccer


“Some people have to wait their entire lives to meet their favorite player,

I am raising mine.” 🙂

Prior to Tyler joining our clan I was completely anti-organized sports. It held little to no appeal and I just didn’t understand why a family would put themselves through the hassle and headaches of juggling practices and games.

 I uttered those dangerous word that inevitably come back to bite you…

“My child will never…”

Then we adopted Tyler and every “My child would never,” or “I will never” came back to bite me.  Tyler was a child unlike any other I had raised. He was high energy, impulsive, competitive and physical…

and he needed and outlet.

So I had to swallow all my “Nevers” and give him what he needed: sports.

There is a genetic gift and drive in Tyler that is so foreign to the rest of us. He is a gifted athlete and when I watch him play with his biological siblings I can see where that talent comes from. They are all talented athletes and you can see that sports are in their DNA.

So after a winter break from sports we have begun Spring Soccer, and Tyler is in heaven. 🙂

He loves his new team and this year he has a woman and a man for his coaches, which is new for him and very good for him. I’m finding that having a female coach brings another level of awareness to Tyler and I see him becoming a better team player.


He is the biggest kid on his team this year and it is funny to see him lined up next to his team mates. The next tallest kid is also named Tyler but to avoid confusion they call him Ty. Tyler and Ty are best buddies on and off the field. This week they got to be team captains together and call heads or tails on the coin flip.


The weather was extra chilly this past Saturday and the spring temperatures that we enjoyed at last week’s game were gone. It was chilly! Tyler bundled in my coat waiting for his game to start.

Tyler played a great game, scoring 5 goals for his team, but what made this Momma proud was the growth and maturity I have seen this year as he works to pass to his teammates and be less of a one man show. I see an awareness of his strength and size in comparison to some of the littler boys and see him adjust the power of his kicks to match the player he is passing to. These things all reflect HUGE growth in Tyler as he overcomes the limitations and deficiencies of his past. It is such a blessing to get to watch his growth and see God working on that little boy.



Tyler making a goal


Tyler’s favorite position to play is goalie. He loves diving for the ball and likes the high adrenaline thrill of jumping in front of a flying ball. His fearlessness makes him very good at this position. This week after stopping a goal he had a goal kick and kicked it so hard that it flew to the other end of the field into the other team’s goal earning his team a point. He was ecstatic. 🙂




So after years of years of saying I will “NEVER” be a soccer mom

I guess I can now say:

I am a…

“Shin guard findin’

Uniform washin’

Gatorade gettin’

Dirty boy drivin’

Picture takin’

Always cheerin’

Soccer Mom”

And I have learned

Never say Never 🙂