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Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Friday was a day for the memory books!

For Christmas the girls pooled their money to surprise Toby and I with tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on their winter tour.

trans siberian orchestra performance

In October the girls heard about tickets going on sell for the Pittsburgh show while listening to the radio. Grace spent hours calling into the station, hoping to win tickets so she could surprise her Daddy, but when her efforts proved to be fruitless, she and Molly decided to buy us tickets for our Christmas gift.

Toby loves the music of the TSO and has always wanted to see them in concert after hearing tale of their amazing stage shows. The girls knew this and couldn’t wait to give us their gift.

As excited as I was to see the concert, I was even more excited by their offer to babysit, allowing us a much-needed date after a challenging year. It touched my heart to see the thought and effort that went into the surprise. In addition to purchasing their tickets they made sure to request off work and made plans for Molly to take Rusty and Brandon on a group date with girls from church, while Grace made plans to take care of Tyler and Ozzie. They also enjoyed a “date night” when Grace invited the young man she is dating to accompany her on her babysitting adventure.

On Friday Toby arrived home early so we could leave the house by 1:30 for the 3:00 show.


On our way into Pittsburgh we hit a lot of unexpected traffic but still made it to the arena and into our seats just as the music began.


It was an amazing concert!


Boy, do they know how to put on a show!


The music was amazing,


And the corresponding light and laser show made it astounding.


Here is a taste of what we enjoyed for 3 hours:




After the concert we enjoyed a dinner date and hours of uninterrupted adult conversation. It was lovely.


Thank you, girls, for the incredible Christmas gift!

It truly was a gift of love.


Meeting Sabrina Carpenter


I earned myself some “Super Momma” points the other day. So often I find myself in a deficit, so when given the opportunity to earn some brownie points with my teenage daughter I jump at the chance.

That and when my Molly asks for something, which is a rare thing, I love being able to give back to this sweet girl who is always doing for others but rarely asks for anything in return.

Her request came in the form of gasping breaths when she raced into the room to excitedly announce that one of her favorite singers was having a free concert and meet-and-greet at a nearby mall on Tuesday.

“Do you think we can go?!” She asked with big, hopeful, Bambi eyes.

I asked for the details and promised we would try to make it happen, so after a crazy Tuesday morning of MOPS babysitting, errands, and the dentist, we drove over to Boardman, Ohio to see Sabrina Carpenter at Southern Park Mall.

Sabrina Carpenter is a singer/actor best known for her role on the Disney channel series “Girl Meets World.”

girl meets world

Molly loves her music and received her CD for Christmas. For some reason, that I never quite figured out, she was making an appearance at this local mall to perform a few of her songs and greet her fans.

The proximity to home was ideal, and the price (free) couldn’t be better, so answering Molly’s request was easy.


We arrived and found a small group surrounding a stage that was set up in the middle of the Sears concourse. We had no problem getting a spot within reaching distance of Sabrina which made it all the more thrilling for Molly.


When Sabrina Carpenter arrived the girls pressed closer while the boys (who were incredibly good sports through the ordeal) “held up the wall” far behind the crowd.


She was incredibly talented and I could see why Molly was a fan.


Afterward fans were able to line up, greet her, and get their picture taken with her.

This was almost too much for Molly who was beside herself with excitement.


It was 2 hours of my life lost in a mall, (not how I would normally choose to spend a Tuesday) but seeing Molly’s face light up with joy made it the best two hours of my week!