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Two Pretzel Princesses


Who can forget their first job and all those delicious feelings of independence that come from donning your first uniform, receiving your first paycheck, and getting your first taste of adulthood.

My first taste of adulthood came in the form of a Subway sandwich. I loved that job and that experience.

My girls are now getting their first taste adulthood and for them it tastes more like a soft, salted pretzel…


Philly Pretzel Factory pretzels!


A few weeks ago the girls saw a sign posted outside our local Philly Pretzel Factory for open interviews the following Monday night from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. The girls had both been casually looking for gainful employment and when the prospect of making pretzels for money presented itself they decided they would give it a shot.

This was Grace and Molly’s first time interviewing for a job, but despite nerves and their worries about being first time interviewees, they were hired! Their new boss was impressed by both girls and offered them both a job.

They were each thrilled to get the job, and doubly thrilled to find out they would be working together at Philly Pretzel Factory.

This week is their first week on the job. They are training and learning the ins and outs of pretzel artistry before they are put on the schedule to work independently.

Monday was Gracie’s first day of work. When she returned home with a bag of leftover pretzels she was greeted by cheers of welcome, much like a returning warrior, by her little brothers who are all thrilled to have older working sisters who bring home soft pretzels after their shift.


Tuesday was Molly’s first day on the job. She had an equally successful first shift an had the added unexpected pleasure of having one of her first customers be Miss Corrina, a friend and fellow co-op mom.

We are so proud of both our pretzel princesses!