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Forever Family


We believe in eternal families.


We believe that families can be together forever…

That familial relationships can extend beyond the separation of death and continue on into eternity.

In adopting our sons, we committed not only to love them and stand by their side through the struggles, trials, and hardships of this life, but to also commit to giving them a connection so strong and unbreakable that they woiuld remain firm throughout eternity, promising them the one thing their past causes them to fear most…

Being abandoned, unloved, forgotten, and alone.


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Life’s greatest joys are found in a loving family.

This is so in spite of the many distractions and challenges of life.

Strong family relationships require effort, but such effort can bring great happiness in this life and throughout eternity.

Even in families where relationships are difficult or uncertain, the gospel of Jesus Christ can provide hope, comfort, and healing.



The promise that our families can be together after death brings more meaning in life.

It encourages us to be faithful and loyal.

It improves and enriches our family relationships.

It helps us find joy and hope as we deal with the everyday challenges of life.

And knowing that we can be together again brings comfort and peace as we deal with the suffering or death of loved ones.


The sealing ordinance is the crowning blessing of the temple.

It is God’s greatest gift to His children because it enables us to return to live with Him and all of our loved ones forever.

It offers marvelous blessings for this life and the next.

It is a constant reminder that families are central to God’s plan and to our happiness here and in the eternities.

It provides peace, hope, and joy for all who faithfully receive it.

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 On Saturday morning we entered the temple to commit our lives to Braden, promising to love him and stand by him forever, never leaving, never walking, never giving up on our relationship with him…

Committing to remain tied together in love throughout this life and into eternity.

IMG_5493 (2)

Braden with one of his sisters and one of his brothers ❤ 

IMG_5467 (2)IMG_5487 (2)IMG_5483 (2)


The journey to get here wasn’t without bumps and potholes. There were many roadblocks thrown up in our path as Satan worked hard to keep us from gifting Braden with this ultimate gift of parental love and promise,

And receiving that gift ourselves from a loving Heavenly Father:

A Forever Family.

How grateful we are for those who came along side us and supported Braden on his special day, showing him great love…

Showing him Christ-like love.

IMG_5479 (2)

These are the moments of mortality that realign our vision and give the struggles, purpose.

The strength and beauty of the gospel is found in the love of family.


Forever loved…Forever ours.


A Family that Plays Together…






Some weeks are especially hard.

Some weeks are wrought with an extra steep climb and out-of-the-ordinary challenges.

Some weeks hold more tears than smiles,

And more weariness than joy.

Some weeks take you 20 steps backwards and produce a desire to simply crawl back into bed, pull the covers over one’s head, and try again in 24 hours.

Some weeks make you question everything you thought you knew, everything you do, and everything you are.

Some weeks drive you to drink…or at least make you wish you were a drinker.

Some weeks are full of moments so surreal and un-freaking-believable that you wonder if there was something special about the mushrooms in last night’s stir-fry.

Some weeks are so heartbreakingly hard that you can’t muster the drive to do much more that numbly move through the motions of living.

Some weeks are so absurd that you question whether you have somehow lost your mind and everyone forgot to tell you.

This week was one of THOSE WEEKS.

I am so empty I don’t even have it in me to tell the tales of the last 5 days…

You wouldn’t believe me if I did.

My little RAD kiddo dragged me through the wringer. I mean I love him, but some days…Grrr…

A good barometer of my mental health can be found in the ponderings of my blog. I write to process through the ups and downs, joys and heartaches of this journey we are on…

When the screen becomes blank and my voice falls silent it is because I can’t find an inkling of hope or a nugget of wisdom hidden within the current struggle we are navigating.

Silence is a sure sign of discouragement and hopelessness.

The clouds have now parted enough to allow a ray or two of sunshine through the low hanging clouds and I thought I’d share our survival strategy for the dark days that have plagued us…

When the urge is to run, hide, fight or isolate, reigns supreme, the cure is to play.

As an introvert by nature, when the weight of the world lays heavy on my shoulders my instinct is to isolate for self-preservation, but I recognize how essential it is for our family, as a whole, to pull together, draw closer, and focus on attachment and connection when feelings of resentment and frustration are pushing us apart.

So we play…

And it is a healing balm for hurt feelings and injured relationships.

One evening this past week, when everyone was home and the hours before bedtime were mercifully free, we chose to set aside tasks that needed done and hard feelings that had surfaced from the poor choice of one child who is struggling at the moment, and commit to “just be.”

We didn’t plan, we didn’t orchestrate, we left with no agenda for our local park to simply play.


We needed it.


We were all raw,


and I was trying to remember why I had signed up for this mothering gig.


An hour of just being a family helped me remember why I keep showing up and keep navigating this rocky road.


This is why I do it.


This is what it is all about.


This is the reward for the hard days and ugly moments.


Sometimes you just have to drop everything and go play,


Because the family that plays together, stays together.