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Celebrating 23 Years!


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This year Toby and I are celebrating 23 years of marriage.

Our original anniversary plans were killed by Covid-19 when the Alaskan cruise we had been planning for years was canceled. It turns out this year isn’t the year for a big celebration, but we couldn’t let the weekend pass by without celebrating 23 years of marriage in some way. Never has the need to get away and just be us been greater than this year. We have dealt with un-precedented amount of struggle in 2020 and Toby and I were both wanting to run away for a bit. Last weekend we decided that we would keep our anniversary getaway short, local, and safe by heading 90 minutes away to the Laurel Highlands for a few days.

Many of the local sites and attractions were still shut down, but this area of Pennsylvania offers an abundance of beautiful state parks and outdoor fun, so it was the perfect place to get away.

We stayed at the Log Cabin Inn and Suites. This motel boasts log cabin themed rooms with rustic charm, which made us feel like we were vacationing in the mountains.

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It also offered the added perk of being connected to Living Treasures Animal Park (Donegal).

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We love Living Treasures Animal Park in New Castle, Pennsylvania, but had never visited this location…and it was one of the few attractions in the area that was open!

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All overnight guests receive 1/2 off the cost of admission so we headed over there on Saturday to explore and enjoy the animals.

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This Living Treasures location isn’t quite as big as the one near us but it offered a wide variety of animals to observe and/or feed.

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We had so much fun interacting with all the critters that clambered near the fence, eager to be fed.

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It was a photographic feast.

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We especially loved all the baby animals!

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Can you spot the baby turkeys hovering near mom?

It was a zoo filled with prolific breeders!


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Babies, babies…everywhere.

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Day 1: Living Treasures Animal Park…

Day 2: Ohiopyle State Park!

Living Treasures Animal Park


Yesterday we had some special visitors wander in from Ohio. My parents and my brother Travis came for a day visit. Travis flew into Ohio from Texas to see my parents. Tomorrow they all leave for Michigan to visit my sister, her family, and the new baby, Charlie. Before they headed north they drove east to visit us at Patchwork Farm. The kids were eager to show off our latest addition, Miss Ellie May.


After they arrived and the kids took them on a tour of the yard and house we all headed out to Living Treasures Animal Park for a day of fun. It was fun having Travis visit since he hasn’t visited our home in many years. It was also fun taking everyone to Living Treasures  since the last time they had been there was when the kids were little.

When we arrived we had a packed picnic lunch in the shade before we went inside. It was a perfect day for our outing. The rain we had been expecting held off while we were there but the threat of rain was enough to keep the crowds away.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves.

A fun day with family!

A fun day with family!

We bought animal feed and carrots to feed to the animals. The fun part of Living Treasures is getting to feed and pet so many of the animals on display. I have always preferred it to the zoo. When the kids were little I appreciated the shady walking paths, the shorter distance between exhibits as well as the close proximity to the animals.

Grace and her favorite animal: Levi the giraffe.

Grace and her favorite animal: Levi the giraffe.

The first animals the kids were able to feed were the deer in the deer yard. The fact that there were babies made the feeding all the more thrilling for the kids.


Some of the other big “A B C” hits of the day were:

A is for Alligators.


B is for “Buffalo” (water buffalo that is).


C is for Cattle.


D, E, F, G, H, I, J……………………….and Z is for Zebra!

This baby Zebra was a big hit in the petting area!

This baby Zebra was a big hit in the petting area!


For some of the larger or more dangerous animals that you can’t feed by had they have tubes set up to drop food down into the animals’ dishes. It was funny to watch some of the critters, like to camel, wrap their lips around the end of the tube waiting for the pellets to come down.

Travis feeding critters via their tube.

Travis feeding critters via their tube.

In addition to feeding and petting a wide variety of animals the kids also enjoyed playing at the pirate ship playground, feeding birds by hand, and meeting some baby animals like this baby Coatimundi.



Do you ever get the creepy feeling that somebody is watching you?

Do you ever get the creepy feeling that somebody is watching you? 🙂

Travis made a friend.

Travis made a friend.

As we were leaving, Uncle Travis treated the kids to the penny press machine. The little boys loved watching their pennies get flattened and pressed as a souvenir of their special day.


Soon after arriving back at our home my parents and brother had to head back to Ohio to prepare for their next special visit. As they drive on to Michigan and we are headed camping. Wish me luck. This will either be a wonderful memory making weekend in a tent or someone will end up tied to a tree. Only time will tell!  🙂