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Downton Abbey Chic



This past Monday we celebrated Gracie’s 18th birthday in style…

Downton Abbey STYLE!


A few months ago, as we neared Gracie’s March birthday, we began discussing what she wanted to do for this milestone birthday. After all 18 is a big deal! She informed us that what she wanted more than anything was to have a Downton Abbey tea party with Molly and I, my mother, my sister and my niece.

Needless to say I embraced her birthday vision with enthusiasm.

I couldn’t think of a better or more fitting way to celebrate Gracie’s special day. As lovers of the historical period drama, Downton Abbey, the females at Patchwork Farm began planning Gracie’s birthday tea with creative enthusiasm.

I love a good theme-party and knew at once what Gracie’s 18th birthday gift must be:

A Downton Abbey tea dress!

Having absolutely no skill to bring to the sewing table I knew I would need outside help to bring my birthday gift vision to life.

This is where my dear friend, Wendy, came into the picture. She is a seamstress and owns a sewing business where she does everything from custom dresses to alterations. She is incredibly talented and when I approached her about hiring her to create a custom tea dress for Gracie’s Downton Abbey tea party she happily agreed to take on the project.

We decided that instead of surprising Grace with a finished dress for her birthday we would surprise her with a birthday card informing her of what her gift would be, thus allowing her to help in the design and creative planning of it.

When Grace found out what she would be receiving for her 18th birthday she was thrilled!

Over the next month she exchanged many emails with Miss Wendy. She sent pictures of different Victorian styles she liked and Miss Wendy guided her through the process of picking fabrics and colors.

When decisions were made Miss Wendy went to work, meeting up with us a few times for fittings along the way.


The end result was enchanting,

IMG_2273 (2)

 and so very “Gracie!”

I’ve always said Grace was born in the wrong era. With her classic features and period clothing she looked like she had stepped right out of Downton.

IMG_2336 (2)

This past Monday was her 18th birthday celebration.

My parents’ gift to Grace was to generously book her Downton Abbey tea party at a historic Victorian home in Ohio. I will post pictures of her special 18th birthday celebration soon,

but first here is a peek at the birthday girl:

Lady Grace

IMG_2434 (3)

IMG_2288 (2)IMG_2318 (2)IMG_2434 (2)


Stay tuned for pictures of the special memories we made!

IMG_2349 (3)