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Dr. Gulland’s Birthday Party


For family night this week we spent the evening with our orthodontist (and his staff), celebrating his birthday.


Yes, you read that correctly. 🙂

Every year our orthodontist celebrates his birthday by inviting all his orthodontic patients to a night of roller skating, laser tag, bumper cars, etc. ..on him! He offers this free night of fun as a way of showing appreciation for his patients and their families. It is so generous and completely reflective of how his office does business… and why we continue to do business with them.


Dr. G’s office is 45 minutes from our home, and while there are closer places we could take our children to get braces, we consider it a worthwhile time investment to drive to Dr.G’s office. We love him, we love the work he does, we love the staff, but most importantly we love what he stands for. He is a man of character and so he gets our business.

We have been attending Dr. Gulland’s birthday celebration for many years, first because of Grace being his patient, and now because of Rusty. Rusty is scheduled to have his braces off in a month but we will probably be back at next year’s birthday party because Ozzie is the next one in line for braces. 🙂

Dr. G rents out the Olympic Fun Center near his office. It is a huge building filled with an abundance of fun for kids (and adults). There is roller skating, a climbing wall, laser tag, bumper cars and a huge climbing/play set. All the kids have their favorite activities but the treat is that they don’t have to choose. They can try everything, since it is all included in the evening for free.

I was worried that perhaps we wouldn’t be able to attend this year because of my physical struggles lately, but Grace offered to drive and then I was able to just sit, watch, and take photos while the kids played for two hours. It ended up working out well.

Here is a glimpse into family fun night with Dr. Gulland:

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Happy Birthday, Dr. G!

Gracie got her wheels and is ready to roll!


Saturday was the  much-anticipated night of Gracie’s 16th birthday party. She has been talking and dreaming about her sweet 16 for many months and finally it was here. When she first approached us about wanting do have a party she didn’t know what she wanted to do, only that she knew she wanted it fun,  light-hearted and a “girls only” night. She finally asked if she could have a skating party. We found a small, privately owned rink near us that we were able to rent out for the evening. The following weeks were spent preparing for the party as Grace made invitations, wrapped party favors (knee high socks) and planned out all the fun details that come with party planning.

Gracie's invitation

Gracie’s invitation

The night of her party we packed up the car and truck and drove over to the rink to set up. Gracie wanted the decorations to be colorful and fun.



For drinks Gracie wanted “old-fashioned” sodas with paper straws as well as bottled water. She wrapped her water bottles with gummi bear tape to make them more whimsical.


Since the party was after dinner she just wanted chips, candy and cupcakes to eat.


Her favorite part of the party decorations was the photo booth.




After everyone arrived the skating began. There was a fun mix of free skating as well as party games like limbo and four corners.

Ozzie Limbos

Ozzie Limbos

There was a wide variety of skating ability among the girls. Some were pros and some had never skated before. It was fun to see how much everyone improved after two hours on skates.


At the end of the evening Gracie opened her gifts. This was one of her gifts…just in time for driving lessons to begin. 🙂


One of her creatively wrapped gifts!

One of her creatively wrapped gifts!

At the end of the night Gracie’s declared it the best birthday party ever. It was a perfect night of fun with a wonderful group of friends.


Happy 16th birthday Miss Grace!!