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A Boys’ day out with their Favorite “Mummy!”


Last Friday the boys and I had the opportunity to enjoy a shortened day of school and meet up with other cyber-schooled families at Carnegie Science Center for a day of fun. The outing, which was put together by Tyler’s school, offered us access to all the permanent exhibits the museum offers, in addition to the new, visiting exhibit: Mummies of the World!

Rusty and Tyler have both spent countless hours at this amazing, hands-on, Pittsburgh museum. Over the years our family has been gifted with annual memberships to the science center and we have gone on multiple homeschooling fieldtrips to visit this Pittsburgh gem, which is why I was so surprised when Braden said he had never been there before.

It was only by seeing his initial reaction to his first impression of the lobby as we walked in, that I realized he was a first time visitor. I knew he was in for a treat. It is an amazing place!

The field trip was self guided, so after checking in and getting our name tags, we were set free to explore the four levels of exhibits at our own pace.

We began on level one at the exhibit: H2O!

IMG_8663 (2)IMG_8664 (2)

After adequately exploring the mysteries of all things water related we headed to the second floor. This level is split into two areas. One section is devoted to the science and history of robotics and outer space, with a lot of fun, hands on activities.

IMG_8671 (2)IMG_8677 (2)IMG_8691 (2)

The second half of this floor is dedicated to a huge train table complete with dozens of running trains, towns, iconic Pittsburgh sites, moving characters and enchanting scenes. This is my favorite exhibit at the science center and I couldn’t wait to share it with Braden. He was as enchanted as we were the first time we explored this miniature world.

IMG_8683 (2)IMG_8685 (2)IMG_8686 (2)

Then we headed to the third floor where we learned more about the science of the human body. Here the boys were able to try different experiments that explored why the body and brain function the way they do.

IMG_8700 (2) - CopyIMG_8696 (2)IMG_8698 (2)

After a quick stop at the fourth floor so Braden could experience the earthquake simulator, and so we could check our the Lego building area, we headed to the traveling exhibit that was the big pull for this field trip…

IMG_8703 (2) - CopyIMG_8709 (2) - Copy

Mummies of the World!

IMG_8715 (2)

This exhibit was fascinating. Photography wasn’t allowed inside the exhibit but below is information and photographs from this amazing exhibit as taken from the Carnegie Science Center website.


“Explore 125 real mummies and related artifacts from across the globe in Mummies of the World: The Exhibition, on display at Carnegie Science Center’s PPG SCIENCE PAVILION™ now through April 19, 2020. Only in Pittsburgh for a limited time, this blockbuster exhibition provides a window into the lives of ancient people from every region of the world including Europe, South America, and Ancient Egypt, offering unprecedented insights into past cultures and civilizations.


See real mummies and discover their stories, including:

The Vac Mummies, a mummified family from Hungary believed to have died from tuberculosis, preserved in a small church until the remains of 265 mummies were discovered by a bricklayer during repair work in 1994.

Baron Von Holz, a German nobleman found tucked away in the family crypt of 14th century castle wearing his best boots after perishing in the castle while seeking refuge from the Thirty Years’ War.


Animal mummies including a cat, a falcon, snow rabbit, lizard, weasel, and fish, some of which were deliberately preserved to accompany royals for eternity.



MUMAB, the first authentic replication of the 2800-year-old Egyptian mummification process, took place in 1994 using the same tools and methods as described on ancient Egyptian papyrus.

Explore four galleries that delve into the many facets of mummification:

Natural Mummification Gallery – This gallery explores several environments in which bodies can preserve as a result of the natural environment. Human and animal mummies in this gallery include those from hot, dry environments in South America, a natural sand-salt environment in Egypt, an African desert, an alpine glacier, a German castle crypt with constant airflow and an acidic peat bog from the Netherlands.


Artificial Mummification Gallery – This gallery presents mummies that have been prepared by humans for cultural reasons. The human and animal mummies in this gallery include an elaborately bandaged cat, two adults from Ancient Egypt and several shrunken heads from South America. Various artifacts associated with the preparation of the dead in Ancient Egypt will also be included, such as beautifully painted wooden sarcophagus, ushabtis and mummy beads.


Experimental Mummification Gallery – This gallery centers around MUMAB, a body recently mummified following the techniques used by Ancient Egyptian embalmers, with detailed scientific documentation of the process. This gallery will include not only the mummy, but several of the tools used to prepare the body, all of which were replicated from original Egyptian embalming.

Science and Medicine Gallery – This gallery explores the links between mummies, science and medicine. Aside from showing mummies prepared for medical purposes, this gallery will also include examples of the application of scientific and medical techniques for the analysis of mummies, and the important shift from autopsy to modern medical science to study mummies. The exhibits will include several anatomical mummies from the Burns Collection and church crypt mummies from Hungary (with discussion of the past and present scientific studies of tuberculosis).

It was a enjoyably educational day with three of my kiddos!

Field Trip Friday


Today was Field Trip Friday!

We spent the day at the Carnegie Science Center and Sports Works:

“The Carnegie Science Center is the most visited museum in Pittsburgh. It has four floors of interactive exhibits. Among its attractions are the Buhl Planetarium (which features the latest in digital projection technology), the Rangos Omnimax Theater (promoted as “the biggest screen in Pittsburgh”), SportsWorks, the Miniature Railroad & Village, the USS Requin (a World War II submarine) and roboworld, touted as “the world’s largest permanent robotics exhibition.” The roboworld exhibition contains more than 30 interactive displays featuring “all things robotic”, and is also the first physical home for Carnegie Mellon University’s Robot Hall of Fame.”

In the month of January the museum is offering $5.00 admission for groups. This is quite the discount from the usual price. Since our family membership that my parents gifted us  for Ozzie’s adoption has expired, this was a good excuse to visit at a price we could afford.  (Thank you, Rose, for planning this fun day!)

Our entire co-op attended with the exception of a few who were home sick. With the exception of a few other groups there were very few people there that day. It was a treat to be able to explore and participate in all the hands-on fun without lines or crowds. 🙂

It was a wonderful way to spend a blustery Friday in January. The kids got in some “friend time”, moms were able to visit, kids ran off/ climbed off/ jumped off extra energy, and we all learned some cool science lessons to boot. It was a win/win sort of day!


IMG_0085 (2)

Our crew walking over to Sports Works, a separate building that houses many interactive displays that explore the science behind sports and the human body.

IMG_0090 (2)

Inside Sports Works. The kids loved the low crowds.

IMG_0098 (2)

Ozzie having fun on the trampoline.

IMG_0091 (2)

Some of the teens in our co-op.

IMG_0162 (2)

Rusty taking a ride. I swear, every day he gets taller and taller!

IMG_0120 (2)

Tyler rock climbing. He made it the top…24 feet.

IMG_0171 (2)

One of the exhibits inside the science center was “H2O.” This exhibit was all about water. These were the seats in that room. 🙂

IMG_0199 (2)

The girls taking a break to ponder the meaning of life. 🙂

IMG_0182 (2)

At this exhibit the kids were able to step in front of a green screen, read a teleprompter, and report the weather,


A GIANT game of “Operation.”

IMG_0185 (2)

Three adorable woodland creatures popping out to say “hello.”

IMG_0216 (2)

The miniature railroad room is my favorite part of the museum. I could spend hours examining all the magical details of this miniature world.

IMG_0224 (2)

I think Ozzie, Grace, and Olivia would agree.

IMG_0258 (2)

Tyler could spend hours playing with the floating balls.

IMG_0248 (2)


IMG_0135 (2)

Centrifugal Force is so fun!

IMG_0124 (2)

Getting ready to take off in the roller coaster simulator.


What a fun way to enjoy Science!

Rusty’s day at the Carnegie Science Center



For Rusty’s birthday celebration he requested we spend the day at the Carnegie Science Center. It is always a treat when a birthday falls on a Saturday and we have Toby home for the day. Since we have a membership to the science center (compliments of my parents in honor of Ozzie’s adoption day) it was a free birthday outing. 🙂

We arrived by mid-morning, soon after they opened. Upon arriving we discovered it to be more crowded than it usually is. At first I assumed it was due to the fact it was the weekend (we usually go when the crowds are in school) or the fact it was a rainy day, but we discovered there was more to the story. The crowds, we discovered, were due to an event taking place inside. The day was dedicated to encouraging girls to pursue careers in the science field, so the science center was filled with booths, sponsored by different science driven careers, that offered different fun activities and hand-outs.

IMG_3320 (2)

While working our way through the crowded lobby we heard a familiar voice…


Zoey, Ozzie’s biological sister, came flying through the crowd toward us. She was there with her girl scout troop. They were earning a badge. Both kids were thrilled by this impromptu meeting but sad they couldn’t spend the day together. Even though we try to get them together monthly they still struggle with the fact they were adopted into different homes and can’t live together.

She asked if she could spend the day with us, but it wasn’t going to work out. She had to stay with her girl scout troop and work on her badge, and we had a birthday to celebrate.

We made plans to get together in the next week or two, said our good-byes, and headed into the crowds toward the first exhibit.

IMG_3377 (2)

On the first floor of the science center they recently opened a new exhibit: “H2OH!”

IMG_3322 (2)

The boys taking a break on the specialized seating in the water exhibit.

They have done a beautiful job on this new exhibit that highlights water and river life in the Pittsburgh area.

IMG_3333 (2)

IMG_3336 (2)

IMG_3346 (2)

IMG_3373 (2)

On the second floor there is the ROBOT exhibit. It is a neat area devoted to the history and future of robotics. Tyler’s favorite part is the basketball game that allows you to compete shot for shot with a robot. The statistics don’t lie…the robot is much better than the human competitors. 🙂

IMG_3433 (2)

IMG_3438 (2)

IMG_3431 (2)

At one of the display booths the kids discovered these cool cubes called, “cubelets.” These cubes magnetically connect to each other making circuits. There are battery cubes, light cubes, inverters, motion sensors, etc. The kids spent 30 minutes playing with these.

Hmmm…Perhaps a possible future birthday gift? 🙂IMG_3384

IMG_3382 (2)

At another display booth the kids had the opportunity to make their own lip gloss. The boys passed this booth up but the girls stopped and each made one. They could choose their scent, color and whether they wanted sparkles or not.

IMG_3402 (2)

IMG_3405 (2)

The finished lip glosses, set to harden.

Because it was Rusty’s birthday he got to choose the events of the day, deciding if we attended any of the free science classes offered throughout the science center. When we arrived he looked at the schedule of events and circled the classes he was most interested in: “Robots,” “Fruit Flambe'” and “High Voltage.”

In the “High Voltage” class we learned about electricity and saw multiple displays of static electric charges.


Ozzie volunteered to be part of the show even though it meant getting shocked.

IMG_3408 (2)

IMG_3418 (2)

The “Fruit Flambe'” class took place in the science kitchen. In this class the kids learned about the three elements needed to create fire, and did so through the fun task of making a fruit flambe’.

IMG_3395 (2)

The best part of the class was the taste testing at the end! 🙂

IMG_3399 (2)

After a fun day at the science center we ended Rusty’s birthday celebration with dinner at Ponderosa restaurant. A few months ago we puppy sat for a family at church. They generously thanked us with a gift card to Ponderosa that paid for our entire family to enjoy dinner out. We saved the gift card for a special occasion: Rusty’s birthday!

Teenage boys love all-you-can-eat buffets!!

IMG_3449 (2)

It was a wonderful family day.

Next weekend Rusty will celebrate his birthday with friends at his “Pixel” themed birthday party.

First Day of Co-op…Year 11!


As we woke early on Wednesday morning

to pack lunches,

load book bags, computers, science experiment materials and art supplies into the van,

I couldn’t help but reflect.

This is our 11th year with the New Castle Star Co-op.

year one


When we showed up at that first planning meeting 11 years ago we had no idea how this group would change our lives and affect our home schooling journey.We had no idea the lessons that we’d learn or the friendships that would be made.

That little group of seven moms, joined together through a desire to enrich our children’s k12 experience, has evolved as the years have passed.

teachers year one

Each school year brings changes with families coming and families leaving,

and those changes always bring a heart tug.

But even as families outgrow the group through moves, school changes, and graduations,

the New Castle Star Co-op remains and here we are celebrating our 11 year anniversary.

This past Wednesday the kids were up extra early. The girls wanted extra time to dress up for the “first day of school” and the boys were just too excited to sleep.

We arrived early enough to get an official “First Day of Co-op” picture.

IMG_1213 (2)

The kids were excited to see that we were one of the first families there. Tyler immediately headed for the gym to play ball and Ozzie joined Saga to eagerly check out the new scholastic book orders. The scholastic book orders are one of his favorite perks about co-op and he waned to see if he had enough allowance saved to but a new book.

IMG_1219 (2)

By 9:00 all the families arrived except one that would be gone for the day. It was crazy how quiet the place seemed with the loss of many families from last year’s group.

The school day began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

IMG_1222 (3)

Then it was time for the first of four class periods.

Our co-op offers four classes: science, art, history and music for grades k-8 (although we don’t have kids in all those grades this year) and a study hall for the older kids who have independent school work to do.

The moms all sign up to teach some of those classes.

My first class of the day was 3rd grade science with Tyler. We were beginning the weather unit and learning about measuring wind speed using the Beaufort Scale. The boys loved going outside with their “flags” and measuring the wind speed.

IMG_1229 (3)

Second period I am free. I’m not responsible to teach any classes so that hour gives me the opportunity to check in with my older kids in the study hall room and see if they need any help. If they don’t need me then I get to sit and visit with the other ladies who aren’t teaching that hour. It is wonderful!

The high school room.

The high school room.

Third period I am back with the 3rd graders to teach art. If Rusty finishes his school assignments for the day he will sometimes join us. He enjoys the art projects and the little boys like having him in there. This week we worked on self portraits. We began the lesson with a fun face-sticker book to get them thinking about the different ways they can draw mouths, eyes, and noses. I was hoping it would get their creative juices flowing…and it did. They got downright silly with the project. 🙂

IMG_1240 (2)

IMG_1234 (2)

Then it was time to actually draw the self portraits. Tyler really struggles with drawing. I know that much of his struggles with writing and drawing come from those early years of neglect. At age 9 he still draws a person with a big round head, two dots for eyes, a smile, and the legs and arms protruding from the head of the person. I have been working with him and he is improving. This lesson gave me the chance to walk the boys, step by step, through the process of making a face look more realistic. They did a GREAT job, and while you may find Tyler’s self-portrait incredibly juvenial for his age this is by far the best work he has ever done. I was thrilled!

IMG_1244 (2)

In Ozzie’s 5th grade art class they also did self portraits. When class was done he brought his over to show me.

IMG_1247 (2)

The second lesson we did in art was learning the difference between representational and abstract pieces of art. They showed examples of different pieces of artwork highlighting the bird. Some were realistic and some were abstract. At the end of the lesson the boys painted a picture of a bird. This is what Rusty drew:

IMG_1249 (2)

Following art we have a 30 minute break for lunch. The kids eat the lunches they packed and then can play in the gym until the final school hour of the day.

For fourth period Tyler has music. Last year I taught his music class but this year I am teaching 5th grade science that hour so Gracie volunteered to be the 3rd grade music teacher. She finishes her own school assignments during the first three periods and then after lunch puts on her “teacher hat” and teaches the 3rd grade boys’ music. She is very excited by this responsibility. She has many fun ideas planned and in the process of teaching them she is able to count tutoring hours for her National Honor Society membership.

IMG_1253 (2)

During the 4th hour I teach Ozzie science. This week we began the unit on water. Our lesson consisted of the water cycle, water conservation and water filtration. For his project we had to make a model aquifer to see how one works and how ground water can be contaminated by pollution. He was engaged and found the whole thing fascinating.

IMG_1258 (2)

At the end of the day we stayed for a bit of social time with friends before we had to leave for Ozzie’s occupational therapy appointment. With the start of school comes the start of all our therapy, class, and lessons commitments. The summer offered a wonderful break from all those outside the home commitments but it is nice getting back into a routine.

It is nice to be back in school.

It was a swell first day of co-op. 🙂

Adoption Heartbreak


Ozzie has a little sister.

And she sits in the center of his heartbreak.

She is the person he mourns for most. She is the person from his past he longs for most. She is the hardest “goodbye” he has faced.

It is interesting to listen to Ozzie as he opens up about his past. He has been in many foster homes and experienced more than his fair share of hurt, heart breaks and losses, and yet the one that he struggles most with is the loss of his sister.

Zoey, although still part of his life, no longer is a daily part of his life. They reside in different houses, call two different women, “Mom,” attend two different schools and churches, and now take part in different traditions and daily rituals. Even though they speak weekly and visit monthly, Ozzie feels like he has lost his sister.

When the decision was made to place these two kids in different pre-adoptive homes, I struggled. We had been doing respite care on the weekends with both of them and I had seen the great love Ozzie has for his sister. The separation seemed cruel and unjust. I struggled to understand the judge’s reasoning.

Over the past year, however, I have seen the behaviors and the witnessed the open wounds that led to the judge’s decision.  I better understand now why the judge made the hard, very hard, decision he did. What seemed so cruel may have in fact been a gift of mercy. I have watched as these two blessings have blossomed in a way that perhaps would not have happened if they had been kept together…I don’t know, but after our visit on Monday I had a better understanding of God’s whisperings when He led us to Ozzie (alone) rather than the two of them (together) that we were pursuing originally.

He has a plan.

When He is whispering “No” to our plans it is out of love…love for our family, for Ozzie and for Zoey.

But even though I can now see His mercy in saying “No” to our desire to adopt them together,

it doesn’t lessen the pain of the loss for Ozzie.

The fallout of his “sister visits” are hard and often emotionally draining.

They are such a good thing, such an important thing, but often a very hard thing.


On Monday we were off school so we had arranged with Zoey’s  mom to pick up Zoey and take her out for the day. We decided to take advantage of the generous adoption gift that we received from my parents, a membership to the Carnegie museums of Pittsburgh, and take Zoey with us to the Science center.

We had no idea what we were in for!

When we arrived we discovered, unbeknownst to us, that it was “Free Day.” I think half of Pittsburgh showed up to enjoy the free fun. I knew that adding Zoey to the mix was going to be challenging. I now had three hyper little ones to herd through the Science Center, but when I saw the crowds my stomach really began to flip and flop with anxiety. I said a prayer that we would survive the crowds and leave with the same number of children that we began the day with. 🙂

The line to get in!

The line to get in!

We started the day with 6 children, and ended the day with....4, 5, 6 children. Whew!

We started the day with 6 children, and ended the day with….4, 5, 6 children. Whew!

The big kids were all assigned a buddy. They were in charge of being with their buddy at all times. It worked out well and gave me peace of mind knowing that there were two sets of eyes on each little one.

Grace and Zoey were partners:



Rusty and Ozzie were partners:

The earthquake simulator...Yikes!

The earthquake simulator…Yikes!

And Molly and Tyler were buddies:


Despite the crowds the kids all had a fun day!

Rusty trying out an astronaut bed.

Rusty trying out an astronaut bed.



Mid-day we took a break and ate our packed lunches in the cafeteria before we walked up to the planetarium. While in line for the “Stars over Pittsburgh” show we ran into friends from church: the Grundburgs and Debakers. It was amazing we saw each other with the sheer number of people there that day.

Lunch break!

Lunch break!

In the planaterium...

In the planetarium…

One of our last stops for the day was the Omnimax theatre where we watched “Born to be Free,” a documentary film about two women and their conservation work with baby elephants and baby orangutans. The movie was wonderful but the theatre was what really made it thrilling for the kids.


One final stop to play at the water table and we were on our way. Gracie decided she wanted to practice driving in Pittsburgh traffic and did a big part of our driving to and from the Science Center. I was so proud of my BRAVE girl!




It was a good day.

but the night was hard.

As I tucked in Ozzie the emotional fallout of our day was evident.

The adoption process is heartbreaking, and messy, and painful even in “best case scenarios”…

even when the story ends with “Happily Ever After.”

This is when we must trust God,

and watch as He softens the loss and multiplies the LOVE.

“Don’t tinkle in your neighbor’s yard”


I sat down this morning to write and realized it has been almost a week since I posted anything. I’m not sure where the days have gone. There we were celebrating Rusty’s birthday and *poof* here we are a week later. 🙂

So…here is what you’ve missed..

Saturday was spent running in different directions. Tyler had football, Rusty had his hunter safety class, and Toby spent the day with his foot propped up after having some work done on it the day before. Toby has been having pain on the top of his foot for months. He finally decided to have it addressed after realizing that his line of work (he is in the construction business) necessitates the need to stand. He went in thinking they were going to drain a Ganglion cyst. After numbing the site with multiple shots of Novocaine the doctor proceeded to try to drain what they later described as a tumor-like mass. Unfortunately they weren’t able to “fix” it like Toby was hoping and instead sent him home in a lot more pain than he came in with. Next step is a MRI to figure out what the mass is and then possibly surgery. Needless to say Toby was frustrated by the news.

So while Toby was recovering on Saturday we faced the dilemma of having to be two places at once with the boys’ separate commitments. Luckily a dear friend came to the rescue and volunteered to take Rusty to the hunter safety class since her son was also attending. Rusty was thrilled to have a friend to go with. They were dropped off at 9:00 am and picked up at 5:00 pm. Rusty came home complaining of his head hurting from all that information but seemed to get a lot out of it. He was eager to show us the certificate, proof that he had passed the course. Now he can go hunting with Dad. 🙂

Tyler had his final game this past Saturday. It was extra exciting due to the fact that the two teams were so evenly matched. Tyler had a great game and many great tackles. The game kept us on the edge of our seat down to the last few minutes. Okay, here is where I admit my horrible, selfish, mothering flaws….As Tyler’s team began an amazing comeback in the second half, quickly gaining on the other team’s scoreboard points, I was secretly hoping they wouldn’t win. I know that is horrible but winning means another week of practice and games and NO LIFE! I’m so ready to have a life again outside of football. 🙂 The conclusion of the game couldn’t have been more perfect. The team did wonderfully, Tyler had his best game of the season, but they didn’t win so….football season is over! Woo Hoo…(This is me doing my happy dance.) It was a wonderful experience for Tyler and we saw a lot of growth in him over the last few months as a result, but I’m still relieved we are done. 🙂

Tyler's final walk off the field.

Tyler’s final walk off the field.

On Monday night we had family night. I had planned a lesson and game on “Keeping God’s Commandments.” As the lesson began we went around the room saying what we thought the most important commandment of all was and why. It was interesting to hear the kids’ opinions. We ended with Tyler and he, with great sincerity said, “Don’t tinkle in other people’s yards.” He was puzzled by our laughter and responded indignantly, “Well it isn’t nice..especially if you accidentally tinkle on their dog.”

Adopting, as I have said before, is so often a game of detective. These kids come to you, especially if they are a bit older, with experiences, triggers, and memories that you aren’t part of. Over the past year my bonding experience with Tyler could be likened to an excavation site. It is a slow process of stripping down the layers and as you do so you come across these jewels of information and experiences that have made your child who he is today. I would love to know the story behind Tyler’s insistence that God’s greatest commandment is “Never tinkle in your neighbor’s yard” because knowing Tyler I bet it is a really good story!

Roses from my love

Roses from my love

On Tuesday night Toby surprised me with roses..just because. Not only did he surprise me but he brought home a single red rose for Grace and Molly as well. “For my favorite girls,” he said. It was such an unexpected treat and such a sweet expression of his love. Not too long ago Molly said to me, “I think Heavenly Father must be a lot like Daddy.” She went on to explain that Toby always has time to listen to her, and is always doing kind things for her, and always makes her feel so special. “Heavenly Father just reminds me a lot of Daddy.” I thought here appraisal was insightful. How blessed she is..we all are..to have a man in our lives who is such a reflection of heavenly love. I am grateful to be married to a godly man who helps our children better understand God’s love for them by the love he shows them. I am so blessed.

A rose from Daddy.

A rose from Daddy.

Wednesday was our co-op day. The kids woke with an extra bounce in their step. Wednesday is everyone’s favorite day of the week. They love getting to spend the day with their friends. I teach Tyler’s science class and this week Rusty came in and joined us as we learned about molecules. Rusty was a great teacher’s helper as we learned about how molecules move in solids, liquids and gasses. Rusty had them stand up with him and we had a molecule dance party as they went from slow dancing “solid” music to fast paced, crazy “gas” music. We even pulled out the “molecule mittens” so the boys could better visualize the movement of molecules in the different states of matter. It was a fun lesson made extra fun by Rusty’s help. Thanks Russ!

Doing the molecule dance..

Doing the molecule dance..

Molecule mittens!

Molecule mittens!

Gracie also had an extra fun science class yesterday. She had an online class to attend in which they were learning about cells. In preparation for this interactive class Gracie received a box in the mail from her teacher. When she opened the box she discovered it was full of yummy treats..crackers, rice cakes, frosting, candy, etc. On Wednesday they took all of these yummy teats and learned the parts of cells by making eatable models out of the treats in the box. What a fun idea!

Gracie in her online Biology class.

Gracie in her online Biology class with her friend, Olivia.

The finished project!

The finished project!

Last night was Tyler’s night to make dinner. It was also Rusty’s date night/ shopping night. Before I left I was going to help Tyler get dinner going but when I asked him what he had planned he told me it was a secret. Wednesday’s are always Tyler’s night to cook and rather than make a crock pot meal like the kids do he usually chooses a “kid friendly” recipe that he can make with a little assistance. His usual choices include pancakes, eggs, chicken nuggets and fries, etc. When Toby arrived home I told him dinner hadn’t been started because Tyler didn’t tell me what he was making… “It’s a secret.” After I left Toby asked Tyler what he was making and Tyler leaned in close so the other children wouldn’t hear him and whispered, “hotdogs.” “OK, where are the hot dogs?” Toby asked, expecting Tyler to say that they were in the fridge downstairs. “At the store,” Tyler replied. Toby then had to explain that he had to pick something that was already in the house. They ended up eating Raman Noodles (Tyler’s pick.) 🙂 Meanwhile Rusty and I had dinner at Wendy’s. With the $10.00  Rusty had to buy dinner for the two of us he decided that he wanted to buy dinner off the dollar menu thus leaving just enough to get an icecream cone at Handle’s when we were done shopping. On our way home we stopped and bought an icecream for Rusty and a pumpkin milkshake for me. ( I brought one home for Toby as well.)

Date night

Date night

When we arrived home I put our shakes in the freezer for us to enjoys after unpacking groceries, evening devotionals, and tuck-ins. Just when I thought my day was done and I was off the clock Tyler came running in to tell me “one last thing”, hitting the milkshake cup and sending it flying. Orange icecream splattered in every direction. It was like the world was moving in slow motion as I watched icecream hit the wall, and the floor, and the furniture. Tyler’s hands went up to his mouth as he watched wide-eyed. After re-tucking in Tyler and scrubbing orange goop off of EVERYTHING with Toby’s help, it was time for bed…

“Goodnight pillow, goodnight wall, tomorrow morning I’ll scrub you all..”