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Trunk or Treat- Plan B


This past Saturday did not go as planned.

It was a “Plan B” sort of day.

The original plan for the day was to host our church’s trunk or treat and fall party at Patchwork Farm. This has become a fun fall tradition. We begin the night with Trunk or Treat, where the kids trick or treat from decorated parked car to decorated parked car down our long driveway.

That is followed by a pot luck dinner of soups. chili and bread with hot apple cider to drink. Throughout the yard there are activities and games for the kids, a bonfire to warm hands and roast marshmallows, and  hay rides in the dark.

The last few weeks we have been stealing every free minute we had to prepare for this big activity. We have assembled games, prepared the yard, and decorated the house.

(Entertaining, as painfully hard as it is for me, gives me the needed push to accomplish long overdue tasks…like decorating for fall!)

IMG_5606 (2)

IMG_5611 (2)

IMG_5613 (2)

We were just about ready for the big day.

IMG_5846 (2)

The last thing to decide was: what to do for our trunk or treat vehicle. The girls offered to man our car so I could organize the arriving crock pots and Toby could direct traffic. They decided that instead of decorating the family van that they would use the school bus that we are in the process of converting to an RV. They decided to dress as Ms. Frizzle and one of her students, and hand out candy from The Magic School Bus. 🙂

Unfortunately they never had the chance…

Saturday brought rainstorms…Ugh.

At 11:00 am the call was made to move the fall party to the church, and those of us in charge of the party had five hours to plan, shop, and somehow transform the gym at church into a fall festival.

The first stop was the dollar store where I bought all those wonderfully tacky/fun Halloween decorations that I never buy for my own home. I must admit I had a lot of fun decorating for Halloween in a new way. With the decorations brought from our homes and $63.00 spent at the Dollar Store we were able to transform the gym.

IMG_5759 (2)

Then I drove to the church where I met Toby and the kids and the other ladies that shared the responsibility for making this event happen. Everyone worked so hard setting up tables, decorating the gym, frosting cupcakes, setting up the game stations, and  preparing for the trunk or treat (that would now be held inside.) In a matter of hours a magical transformation occurred. I couldn’t believe it came together in time!

IMG_5768 (2)


The “chandelier”

IMG_5766 (2)

God is Good!

Then people began arriving for trunk or treat. The trunk or treat was arranged to take place indoors due to rain. As families arrived they were assigned a classroom door to decorate and pass candy from. It was fun to see how everyone rallied with Plan B creativity and car decorations became doorway decorations.

IMG_5784 (2)

The girls were still planning to man our doorway for us and hand out treats on behalf of our family but the Magic School Bus idea no longer worked…(It just didn’t have the same impact without the school bus. 🙂

So they came up with their own plan B. While they were face painting for Chippewa Township’s community day celebration earlier in the day they talked about what their new theme should be. Inspired by the corn maze the day before they decided to do a Dinosaur themed doorway. They dressed as explorers and decorated with ferns and Dinosaurs with the Jurassic Park theme music playing in the background. They looked so cute!

IMG_5776 (2)

The indoor trunk or treat worked out very well. The turnout was great and it was fun to check out the decorations and the costumes everyone came up with.

IMG_5785 (2)

The theme for the party seemed to be group costumes with some great family costumes. We had Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the cast of Napoleon Dynamite, Cinderella’s (not so ugly)  ugly step sisters, adorable characters from The Wizard of Oz, and the Despicable Me crew.




Our group costume never came together. I thought we’d have time to run home, shower, change, and finish assembling our costumes after getting ready for the party, but there was no time, so the girls raided the dress up box during their stop at home and pulled together a costume for each of their brothers to wear. Thank goodness for a well stocked dress up box!

IMG_5778 (2)

Tyler liked having an excuse to wear his football uniform. :)

Tyler liked having an excuse to wear his football uniform. 🙂

After “trunk or treat” the party began, starting with dinner.

IMG_5796 (2)

Everyone went all out and there was an abundance of yummy food. If anyone went home hungry it was by their own choosing. 🙂

IMG_5816 (2)

Dessert was delicious!

The best cupcakes...EVER!

The best cupcakes…EVER!

While parents chatted, the kids had the opportunity to play games located around the gym.

IMG_5811 (2)

IMG_5793 (2)

There was Bowling for Ghosts:


Halloween Bingo:


Jack O Lantern drawing:

IMG_5808 (2)

Photo Booth:


Guess How Many game:


Needle in the Haystack:

Toby. aka Mr. Potato Head, hiding candy in the hay.

Toby. aka Mr. Potato Head, hiding candy in the hay.

and Face Painting (which Grace and Molly volunteered to head up):


Ozzie got a puppy face.

Ozzie got a puppy face.

It was a fun night and in the end the move indoors was a good call. The rain came down heavy at Patchwork Farm and would have made for a wet, cold, muddy evening.

Granted it wasn’t quite the same experience without the farm animals, bonfire, and hay rides, but it ended up being a fun fall evening,

IMG_5838 (2)

made all the better by the wonderful families that participated!